Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the full meaning of nosdra?

Answer: National oil Spill Detection and Response Agency

2. When was NOSDRA established?

Answer: NOSDRA was established in 2006 as an institutional framework to co-ordinate the implementation of the National oil Spill Contingency plan (NOSCP) for nigeria.

3. Who is the Director-General/ chief Executive Officer of NOSDRA?

Answer: Sir Peter Idabor

4.What is the mission statement and vision statement of NOSDRA?

Answer: MISSION: to restore and preserve our environment by ensuring best oil field, storage and transmission practices in exploration, production and use of oil in the quest to achieve sustainable development in Nigeria.

Answer: VISION: to create, nuture and sustain a zero tolerance for oil spill incident in the Nigerian environment.

5. Where is the headquarters of NOSDRA located and where are its branches in Nigeria?

Answer: the Agency's corporate headquarters is located on the 5th floor, NAIC house, plot 590, zone AO, central business District, Abuja. the Agency has zonal offices in Port Harcourt, Warri, Lagos, Uyo, Kaduna and Akure.

6. What are the functions and objectives of NOSDRA?

Answer: identify high risk areas as well as priority areas for protection and clean up and ensure a programme of activation, training and drill exercise to ensure readiness to oil pollution preparedness.

Answer: Co-operate with international maritime organization and other national, regional and international organizaions in promotion and exchange of results of research and development programme relating to oil pollution.